Diabetic Screening Services

The Diabetic screening service in Gloucestershire started screening in October 1998 and is spear-headed by Professor Peter Scanlon. 

The service is based Gloucester Royal Hospital and has 7 mobile units travelling out to GP surgeries across the county to screen patients suffering from diabetes, for any signs of diabetic retinopathy.

The screening service has also recently launched its first static screening unit in Eastgate House Gloucester where screening is provided most days of the week including some late clinics and some Saturday clinics.

The service currently has 28,000 diabetic patients on its register. All patients are dilated, unless there is evidence of contraindications, their vision is tested using LogMar charts and then high resolution digital retinal images are taken. Patients will be given some basic education on how diabetes can affect their eyes and they will be shown their own images. The images and patient data are then transferred to the diabetic eye screening central server within Cheltenham General Hospital, for analysis by a team of specialist graders. All grading is subject to a full and nationally recognised QA process, this helps reduce mistakes and un-necessary referrals. Patients with sight threatening diabetic retinopathy or other referable ocular pathology identified on the photographs are referred on to the ophthalmology clinics within the hospital eye service.

The service aims to screen all diabetics on an annual basis.  'Mop up' clinics are held in Cheltenham General Hospital, Stroud Hospital, Eastgate House and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on an occasional basis to which patients who missed the session at their GP surgery or are newly diagnosed are invited.

Patients may contact the service administration team to arrange appointments on 0300 422 4419.

Optometrists may contact the Programme Director for help/advice in special cases

Dr Peter Scanlon, Programme Director  peter.scanlon@glos.nhs.uk